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Claims Pause Starts March 25

As we prepare for the launch of the Medicaid Enterprise System, we will briefly pause provider payments from March 25 until April 4. We have carefully planned to make this transition as seamless as possible.

Medicaid providers can continue to submit claims during this period through electronic and paper transactions. You can continue to use the Medicaid provider portal for direct data entry of your claims through close of business on March 29, when the current portal will cease operations. A new Provider Services Solution (PRSS) portal will launch April 4.

We will hold and process all claims submitted during the transition and make payments beginning on April 15.

Once the new system launches, you will continue to submit claims in the same way you do today, with one change: You must assign taxonomy codes to claims starting April 4, 2022.

Please note that access to the current claims entry screens will be through the new PRSS portal beginning April 4, 2022.


Key dates

March 25: Pause on provider payments begins.

March 29: Direct data entry through the existing provider portal ends.

April 4: New Medicaid Enterprise System, including a new provider portal, launches.

April 15: Payments made on claims submitted during the pause.

If you have questions, please contact us at

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