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Medicaid Enterprise System (MES)

The Virginia Medicaid agency launched a new technology platform on April 4, 2022 as part of the Medicaid Enterprise System (MES) project.  A major component of MES is the Provider Services Solution (PRSS) module.

Provider Enrollment and Revalidations through PRSS

Medicaid fee-for-service and Managed Care Organization (MCO) network providers need to enroll in PRSS and revalidate enrollment at least every five years.  As one of our valued providers, it is important that you complete your revalidation before the due date to avoid disenrollment.  The following information helps you complete this process.

How to Complete Your Revalidation

Providers must submit the revalidation electronically through our Provider Services Solution (PRSS) portal. PRSS revalidation is when a provider submits a revalidation application for a Provider/National Provider Identifier (NPI) that has an existing enrollment record in PRSS prior to the end of their enrollment period without an enrollment gap.  Providers should receive a DMAS notice to begin their revalidation applications at least 90 days before the end of their enrollment period.  The notice is sent via email or U.S. Mail depending on the provider's communications preferences recorded in PRSS.  Reminder notices are also sent (via email from at 60 and 30 days prior to the deadline.  Providers should add this email to their contacts so that the email is not marked as spam.

How to Use the New Manage Revalidation Panel in PRSS

DMAS has implemented a new Manage Revalidation panel within the PRSS Provider Portal.  This panel displays a list of the in-process revalidation application tracking numbers (ATNs) for the base identification number and any locations for whom that provider may be an Authorized Administrator (AA) for a Primary Account Holder.  This new panel provides information required to access the revalidation application without having to match up numerous notification emails.  It also provides a link directly into the Resume/Revalidate Enrollment page to reset the password if needed.  The Provider Portal User Guide PRSS-120 is located on the MES Provider Training webpage and has information on the new Manage Revalidation panel.

Where to Get More Information

DMAS encourages providers to begin the revalidation application upon receipt of the notice to allow sufficient time for processing.  Providers who do not revalidate by the revalidation due date will have their Virginia Medicaid participation status terminated from fee-for-service and MCO networks until the provider successfully enrolls/revalidates in PRSS.  Providers can verify their revalidation date via the provider portal.  Additional information is provided on MCO Provider Network Resources webpage, and includes links to resources like tutorials and contact information to reach Gainwell with any aspect of the provider's revalidation application.  You can also use the MES Provider FAQs for additional help with enrollment and revalidation.

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