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Virginia Medicaid

Cardinal Care

Providing access to health care for 2 million people.

New Dashboard Available

Access the Medicaid Eligibility Redetermination Tracker, a new visualization of Virginia's progress during the return to normal enrollment, also known as unwinding, starting in March 2023.

Virginia's Insurance Marketplace

If you are part of a limited-benefit Medicaid program such as Plan First, you may be eligible for affordable, high-quality health insurance through Virginia's Insurance Marketplace, the only place where consumers can apply for financial savings to lower monthly health insurance costs.
Learn more and apply at or call 888-687-1501.

Return to Normal Medicaid Enrollment

Virginia began reviewing members’ health coverage in March 2023 to make sure they still qualify. Look for official mail, email or texts to tell you what you need to do to renew your health coverage. Respond right away. Not responding to requests for information may result in loss of health coverage.

Provider Services Solution (PRSS)

We don't want to lose our valuable providers! If you are a provider who recently received notice that you are no longer in a managed care network, the issue most likely can be fixed quickly with your help. DMAS, the MCOs, and Gainwell are committed to working with providers to remedy the issue.
Learn more about how to resolve common issues and enroll in PRSS.

Member Advisory Committee

Learn about Virginia Medicaid's Member Advisory Committee and apply to join today.


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Member and Provider Services

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