Virginia Medicaid

Board of Medical Assistance Services

The State Board of Medical Assistance Services as required by Virginia code, includes 11 residents of the Commonwealth appointed by the Governor as follows: five of whom shall be health care providers and six of whom shall not; of these six, at least two shall be individuals with significant professional experience in the detection, investigation, or prosecution of health care fraud.

Any vacancy on the Board, other than by expiration of term, shall be filled by the Governor for the unexpired portion of the term. No person shall be eligible to serve on the Board for more than two full consecutive terms. Appointments shall be made for terms of four years each, except that appointments to fill vacancies shall be made for the unexpired terms. The Board is responsible for submitting a biennial written report to the Governor and the General Assembly. The Board convenes quarterly for public meetings.


Chair, Board of Medical Assistance Services - Michael H. Cook Esq.

Meetings and Materials

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March 31 2020

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April 10 2018