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Introducing Cardinal Care

Cardinal Care logo

Cardinal Care is Virginia Medicaid's new name for all health coverage programs for all Medicaid members. This new name and brand began on January 1, 2023. The goal of Cardinal Care is to create a clearer, straighter path to care for all Medicaid members. 

As a Medicaid member, there is nothing you need to do to take part in this program. You will continue to have the same benefits and services, see the same doctors, use the same websites, and call the same phone numbers. 

Some of you may have already received a new ID card with the new Cardinal Care logo. If you have not received a card, you may still receive one up until March 2023. Some members who are in fee-for-service may not receive a new card and will continue to use their current blue-and-white Medicaid card. All members may continue to use their current card unless they receive a new card. For more information, visit the DMAS Cardinal Care website for members.

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