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Choose the Plan That's Right for You and Your Baby

Once you apply and receive an official notice of enrollment from Virginia, including a Medicaid card, it’s time to select your health plan. A health plan is managed by a private insurance company with a network of doctors and other medical providers working together to give you comprehensive health care. This may also be  referred to as a Managed Care Organization, or MCO.  Your plan includes basic benefits, but may also offer added benefits above Medicaid. See which benefits work best for you and your baby.If you already have a doctor or doctors, this tool can help you identify if they’re affiliated with one or more of our plans.  You can select a plan online or by phone. Visit our health plans page or call the Managed Care Helpline for assistance.

See plans.

If you have not applied for FAMIS MOMS or Medicaid coverage, learn how to apply now.

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