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Nursing Facility Value-Based Purchasing Program

The Nursing Facility (NF) Value Based Purchasing (VBP) Program is a unified performance-based payment program that strives to reward quality and to support improvement in Virginia Nursing Facilities serving Medicaid members.

The Nursing Facility Value Based Purchasing dashboard serves as both a static report and dynamic dashboard designed to share

  • Facility specific quality performance information,
  • Performance–based payment information, and
  • Overall program performance and trends.

The NF VBP dashboard has three tabs that are briefly described below.

  1. Nursing Facility Score Card: A single facility report card that displays performance for each measure in the program and payment information during a chosen period of time.
  2. Nursing Facility Performance Payments: A report showing performance and payment data for facilities during a selected time period. A single or multi-facility view is available on this report.
  3. Distribution of Nursing Facility Sites based on Medicaid Days and Measure Result: A visualization of the distribution of performance in the program for all facilities and for each measure for a set period of time.

Some additional notes regarding the data in the dashboard include:

  1. NF VBP performance payments are adjusted for the size of the facility using Medicaid residents days. For facility comparisons, please see the threshold met variable to identify the performance tier (Best, Better, Fair, or Below) or the measure result variable. See the Program Methodology for more information.
  2. Medicaid Days are calculated based on Medicaid Managed Care Days for all facilities participating in Managed Care. Medicaid Days are calculated based on Medicaid FFS days for select facilities that do not participate in Managed Care but are still eligible for the NF VBP program.
  3. The baseline year data refers to data from CY2020 for ED Visits, Hospitalizations, Pressure Ulcers, and Weighted Case Mix Hours. The baseline year data refers to CY2019 for Days without 8 RN hours.
  4. For the baseline year, performance information is provided for illustrative purposes; payment variables will reflect $0 because no payments were distributed based on baseline data performance.

For additional information regarding the NF VBP program’s current program methodology, please visit the VBP page.

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