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Member Advisory Committee

A committee of Medicaid members or their representatives for providing feedback to DMAS

Member Advisory Committee


The Director of the Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) has established the Medicaid Member Advisory Committee (MAC) in order to provide a formal method for enrollees’ voices to be included in the DMAS decision-making process and to inform DMAS change management strategies. The committee is made up entirely of Medicaid-enrolled individuals or an authorized representative of an enrollee. The Director of DMAS also designates a DMAS staff member to serve on the committee. The committee members examine and provide input on the impact of DMAS services and programs. The purpose is to obtain the insight and recommendations of Virginia’s Medicaid enrollees in order to help the DMAS Director improve the overall experience for all Virginia Medicaid applicants and enrollees. Committee members will serve for at least one year.  Scheduled quarterly meetings are open to the public, with a comment period reserved in each meeting.

MAC Electronic Meetings Policy

Meetings and Materials

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The Committee will complete an annual report at the end of each calendar year.

2022 MAC Report

2021 MAC Report

2020 MAC Report

2019 MAC Report

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