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Local Resources for Veterans, Older Adults, People with Disabilities, and More

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Do you need assistance finding services for yourself or someone you care for? VirginiaNavigator is a nonprofit organization that helps Virginians access the information and services they need, close to home.

Using VirginiaNavigator, Virginians can access over 26,000 local resources that serve older adults, people with disabilities, veterans, caregivers, and their families. If you want to see what resources are available in your area, use the ServiceNavigator needs assessment tool

VirginiaNavigator also offers websites that help specific groups find assistance they need:

VirginiaNavigator is a great resource, whether you’re facing complex challenges or if you’re just not sure what resources are available. Learn more.

Virginia Medicaid is always accepting applications. Click here to learn if you are eligible for Medicaid/FAMIS health insurance.