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Virginia's Medicaid Program
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Get Help Covering Essential Services Through Virginia CommonHelp

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In these difficult times, many Virginians are looking for assistance with essential services. Virginia CommonHelp makes it easy for you to apply for multiple Department of Social Services programs using one online application.

CommonHelp partners with several government agencies to offer Virginians a fast and easy way to apply for a wide range of services: 

  • Help with paying for childcare 
  • Home energy assistance 
  • Help with buying food 
  • Low or no-cost healthcare  
  • Temporary cash assistance for families with children 
To determine your eligibility for one or more programs, you can complete CommonHelp's online eligibility portal. The portal will tell you which programs you qualify for and how to apply for them online. Visit the CommonHelp website to learn more about the programs and government agencies that they partner with. Access services.

Virginia Medicaid is always accepting applications. Click here to learn if you are eligible for Medicaid/FAMIS health insurance.