Virginia Medicaid

What is HNS?

The High Needs Supports (HNS) program, which DMAS expects to implement in 2024, will provide critical housing and employment support services to the Commonwealth’s high need Medicaid members. DMAS is committed to addressing the social and environmental needs of Virginians that impact health, wellbeing, and medical expenditures. The HNS benefit will be targeted to Medicaid members age 18 or older who are eligible under the Medicaid State Plan and those who are eligible under the out-of-state FFY component of the Section 1115 Medicaid demonstration age 18 up to 26. Housing and employment supports will be available to certain high needs individuals enrolled in the managed care delivery system, including those with a behavioral health need, need for assistance with activities of daily living, or a complex physical health need. Qualifying beneficiaries must be expected to benefit from supports necessary to obtain and maintain stable housing or employment. Now that DMAS has received CMS approval for the new HNS benefit, this webpage will provide public access to the latest implementation updates, opportunities for public comment, program and operational policy development, and upcoming public meetings.


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