Virginia Medicaid

Medicaid Provider Manual Drafts

Stakeholders: Please refer to the Virginia Regulatory Town Hall website for details on how to comment on the draft provider manuals, including public comment dates, overview of changes, and contact information. Draft provider manuals will be removed from the DMAS website following the end of the public comment period, which is listed on the Town Hall notice.

All Manuals Chapter I [pdf]
All Manuals Chapter II [pdf]
All Manuals Chapter III [pdf]
All Manuals Chapter V [pdf]
All Manuals Chapter VI [pdf]
Addiction and Recovery Treatment Services Chapter IV [pdf]
Baby Care Chapter V [pdf]
DMAS-P268 RPM SA Form [pdf]
Durable Medical Equipment Chapter II [pdf]
Early Intervention Services Chapter II [pdf]
Early Intervention Services Chapter V [pdf]
Home Health Chapter II [pdf]
Home Health Chapter IV [pdf]
Hospice Chapter II [pdf]
Hospital Chapter II [pdf]
Hospital Chapter IV [pdf]
Mental Health Services Chapter II [pdf]
Mental Health Services Chapter IV [pdf]
Mental Health Services Appendix A [pdf]
Mental Health Services Appendix H [pdf]
Mental Health Services Appendix I [pdf]
Pharmacy Appendix D [pdf]
Pharmacy Appendix E [pdf]
Physician/Practitioner Appendix D [pdf]
Plan First Chapter V [pdf]
Plan First Chapter VI [pdf]
Rehabilitation Services Chapter II [pdf]
Residential Treatment Services Chapter II [pdf]
Telehealth Services Supplement [pdf]
Transportation Chapter II [pdf]